The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 - The Courage of One Will Change the World

Katniss destroyed the hunger games in the previous edition. She and some of the others were rescued by the rebellion. However, Peeta was captured by the authorities.

Katniss has, meanwhile, unwittingly, become the face of the rebellion. She wakes up in the presumed to be destroyed District 13. President Alma Coin and her friends provide her support, as she leads the on ground war, and her internal war - seeing Peeta's condition, as he is being drugged, brainwashed and used for propaganda, to counter her.

Will she be able to rescue Peeta? Will she be able to win the war?

Rating: Green - the Hunger Games are now out in the open - in a real war! Probably, a tad slower, but equally awesome. If you liked the previous two, watch this too.

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