Disconnect: Look Up

Mike Dixon is a cyber crimes investigator called in by a couple who have lost all their money to online frauds, leaving their lives destroyed.

He is also called in by Rich and Lydia Boyd - when their son attempts suicide, after being cyber-bullied. Someone created a fake girl's profile, got his naked selfie, and spread it out on the internet. They were too busy to notice what was going on with him.

Rich, meanwhile, was busy helping a journalist who has got entangled in a case - while investigating the dark world of live online porn.

As investigations move forward the secrets in the lives of all the characters start tumbling out.

Will these cases be solved? What if they get personal?

Rating: Green - a well-made movie that keeps you gripped onto it till the very end. The stories are very believable and only slightly dramatized. You could very well be one of the characters of the movie. Must watch!

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