District B13: Welcome to District B13. Welcome to the Future.

A nuclear warhead has been stolen and is now in the most dangerous suburb of Paris. If it is not found soon, millions could die.

Capt. Damien Tomaso is sent undercover on a mission to retrieve the nuclear warhead with the assistance of Leito - a local who is presently in prison, also a Parkour expert. But Damien needs to get his trust, for which he will first have to break from prison along with Leito.

Will Damien succeed in getting Leito's trust? Will he succeed in saving millions of lives?

Rating: Yellow - a pretty decent action movie, but I guess it loses the edge, somewhere in translation. Also, I happened to see the sequel before seeing this - so had very high expectations. Otherwise, I might have loved it.

This is a decent watch nevertheless.

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