Lethal Weapon 4: The Gang's All Here

Continuing from Lethal Weapon 3...

Riggs and Murtaugh have recently been promoted to captains. They are also realizing that they are getting old and they can't do the same things that they could earlier.

This time they have run into a Chinese human trafficking/ illegal immigration syndicate. Murtaugh could not stand that a poor Chinese family with kids hiding in a lifeboat would be sent to a detention center - so he takes them home.

Unknown to him, this is the family of a currency printing expert, and has been brought to the US to blackmail him to help print forged currency. Hence, trouble has reached Murtaugh's home, once again.

Will Riggs and Murtaugh manage to save his family this time?

Rating: Green - much crisper, and therefore, better than the last one. A decent story, and action sequences combined with good comedy make this one worth watching.

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