The Mummy: The Sands Will Rise. The Heavens Will Part. The Power Will Be Unleashed

Jonathan stumbles upon an archaeological artifact, which his sister Evelyn identifies as the holder of a secret map to the lost city of Hamunaptra. 

As they set out on the journey to discover the hidden city, they enlist the help of Rick O'Connell, an American serving in the French legion who has been incarcerated. In return for his services, they get him released.

However, there is a competing group which is out on the same mission. While Evelyn starts exploring one part of the area, the other group is exploring the other area.

However, when someone from the other group - finds the Book of the Dead, opens and reads it - the mummy of the high priest Imhotep, which was cursed thousands of years ago, is awaken.

One by one he starts killing the explorers and starts developing his body again. Unfortunately, he has selected Evelyn as his sacrifice, to wake up his lover from the dead.

Will Rick manage to save Evelyn and get out of there in time?

Rating: Green - a very well made movie. Superb story, combined with great acting! Worth a watch!

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