Babel: Tragedy is Universal

While on a trip to the middle-east, where they are trying to patch up their relations Susan gets shot. They are far from the city, Richard is desperate. The other tourists get scared and desert them in the middle of nowhere. The issue flares up internationally - an American has been shot by muslim terrorists. But, there is no medical help in sight, will she survive?

At home, tired of waiting for them to return, the babysitter of their children decided to go to Mexico to attend her son's wedding. She takes the children with them. But, while returning things go wrong - her drunk nephew who is driving gets scared when the border patrol questions him. He drives away. And leaves them in the desert at some distance. Thirsty and hungry. Will they survive?

Back in the middle-east a poor shepherd procures a gun, so that they can shoot game - to eat and sell. However, while testing the gun's range, the kids accidentally shoot someone in the bus. The matter has gone international. Under pressure from the top bosses, the local police is looking for the 'terrorists.' Scared the boys run away with their father - but will they survive?

The gun was given to the Shepherd's friend, who is a tourist guide, by a rich Japanese tourist few years ago. Back in Japan, the death of his wife took a toll on him and his mute daughter. Desperate for love, she stands naked in front of an investigating officer, attempting to seduce him for sex. Will she succeed?

Rating: Green - a collection of tragic stories that leave you in an emotional turmoil, that will last long after you have seen the movie. These are things that can happen to anyone - wherever in the world you are. Must Watch!

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