Bohemian Rhapsody: The Only Thing More Extraordinary Than Their Music Is His Story


Farrokh Balsara, the son of an educated middle class Indian couple, who have immigrated to the UK from Zanzibar, is a deviant - and, not very fond of his identity. So he changes his name to Freddie, and later to Mercury. 

He is studying design and is a singer and songwriter. He happens to be around when the band Smile loses their lead singer just before a show. And, there begins his journey - their journey. 

A band of misfits creating music unlike anything anyone has created before. Soon, they are at the top of the music charts. They start earning big money. And, vultures set in.

Paul, a personal assistant to Freddie becomes the villain, breaking him away from the band - drowning Freddie in hedonistic pleasures - alcohol, drugs, sex - gay sex!

Will Freddie be able to emerge from this alive and healthy?

Rating: Green - the music on its own, gets this one the rating, coupled with the strength of the story and the excellent screenplay! The only downer was Rami's acting as the young (pre-moustache) Freddie - the artificial teeth just made him look artificial!

PS: Like with all reality based movies, take the facts in this one with a pinch of salt.

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