Rocketman: Based on a True Fantasy.


Reginald Dwight is a kid with Piano talent, but with a father who doesn't care about him, and a mother who is a tad too obsessed with her needs. 

With his granny's encouragement, and sheer talent he lands a scholarship in the Royal Academy of Music. Soon he is playing in the background for touring musicians.

He sees an ad for songwriters, responds, and soon ends up meeting Bernie Taupin, who becomes his best friend and musical partner for life.

Soon he is a major hit, which results in him going international - to the US. Here he enters the world of glam rock, and soon becomes its undisputed king - a life full of money, and drugs, and alcohol, and gay sex. And, he meets his partner John Reid, who also becomes his manager.

But, before we know, he is in a rut. His need for affection is not being fulfilled. And, this hedonistic life is taking its toll on him. Will he manage to come out of this alive?

Rating: Green - the format - fantasy musical is what makes this superb! The story is interesting, and treated reasonably well.

PS: As with all reality based movies, take the facts mentioned with a pinch of salt.

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