Coach Carter: It Begins on The Streets, It Ends Here


Ken Carter steps in as the coach of the Richmond High School Basketball Team for the season to make some extra buck. This team barely wins. 

He makes the students sign a contract - if they want to play basketball in his team, they will have to perform well in academics too.

While his strict training turns them into winners - a team that has been undefeated so far this season. The students fail to uphold their end of the contract. As he promised in the contract, he shuts down the gym, and the team is prohibited from any more matches, unless their grades are back on track. 

Will the boys ever get to play ball again?

Rating: Green - a fantastic story - even more heartening to know that this is based on reality! Watch this for this is a story worth knowing.

PS: As with all biographical/historical movies, the facts might be off, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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