Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood


Rick Dalton is an ageing television actress, famous for his iconic portrayal of an old west bounty hunter. Cliff Booth has played his stunt double all along and has become a good friend. With Rick not getting any work, Cliff is also struggling to make ends meet.

A casting director hooks him up for a role in Italy, where he becomes a sort of a star - does five movies, and marries a hot Italian starlet. 

With no more work in the US he has decided to sell off his premium LA property and live off the investments upon return.

Rick and Cliff spend a long night partying together before they part ways. But as destiny would have it, the same night they are attacked by a group of hippies.

Will they survive?

Rating: Green - an experience - like a typical Tarantino movie, supported by great acting! Just watching the characters grow and face their internal struggles is a treat. 

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