American Beauty: Look Closer


Lester Burnham is a loser - at least that is what his wife Carolyn and Jane think. He is a pushover at work, Jane has little respect for him, and Carolyn gives (and makes) little love to him.

While visiting Jane's school for a performance, he becomes completely infatuated with her close friend Angela. And he decides to change his life.

About to be laid off, he quits his job, with a healthy severance package by blackmailing the 'big boss.' He starts exercising to impress Angela, working a 'no-responsibility job' at a fast food joint, and starts getting high on drugs procured from Jane's boyfriend.

Will this lead him to happiness in life? Or, will this get him into trouble?

Rating: Green - much deeper and more fun than I expected it to be! Superb acting by Kevin Spacey and the kids takes this to another level. 

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