Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die, Repeat


Earth is under attack. The United Defense Force is trying its best to save the planet.

Major Cage from the media relations cell of the US Army tries to blackmail the general to avoid going to the front even for a photo-op.

Next thing he knows - he has been demoted to a private and is at the airport with the rest of the army, set to leave for France in the morning. 

At the front, they are ambushed, and everyone gets massacred, including Cage, though he kills an Alpha before dying.

But, he wakes up, and the day starts afresh. This keeps going on and on. He dies, wakes up again, dies again, and wakes up again.

Somehow he manages to reach the star soldier Rita, who co-incidentally, had gone through the same fate, and knows exactly what is going on. So does Dr. Carter who has figured out the only way to kill the alien.

But, will they succeed?

Rating: Green - a superb fantasy thriller, supported by great performances! Keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout. A definite must watch!

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