The King of Comedy: It's no laughing matter.


Rupert Pupkin is crazy about being a stand-up comic. No... literally... he's crazy... he's delusional, and lives in a make believe world. 

So is Masha, a die hard fan of the comedy king Jerry Langford, who wants to have a relation with him.

Rupert also admires Jerry and considers him to be his mentor. So he tries hard to show his talent to him, so that Jerry would get Rupert a slot on his show.

However, after being snubbed repeatedly he gets frustrated. He, and Masha, kidnap Jerry - and as ransom Rupert asks to be on his daily show as the first guest.

Will Rupert manage to charm the audiences and become the King of Comedy?

Rating: Green - a superb drama movie! Wonderful acting, great screenplay and story - showing well the behind the scenes stresses of being a celebrity.

PS: If you love the latest Joker, and you haven't seen this - you might be missing out on something ;)

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