Man on Fire: Revenge is a meal best served cold


Drowned in alcohol, and struggling to cope up with his past, John Creasy goes to Mexico City to meet his best friend Paul Rayburn.

Seeing his situation Paul gets him a job as the bodyguard of a nine year old girl Pita Ramos. Before he knows he has developed a bond with the young girl.

But, Pita is kidnapped and John is left badly injured. The exchange between the kidnappers and Ramos goes horribly wrong and Pita is killed.

When John wakes up and finds out what has happened - he decides to avenge her - and do what he does best - kill every single person who had a role to play in her death. 

Will he succeed? 

Rating: Green - a superb thriller - gets you emotionally involved and then keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout!

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