The Founder: Risk Taker. Rule Breaker. Game Changer


Ray Kroc is a salesman who is selling milkshake machines to restaurants. He is struggling to meet his targets, until one day a certain restaurant orders multiple machines in bulk.

He visits the restaurant to figure out what is going on. What he sees is unlike anything he has ever seen - an innovative fast food business model - with best in class processes.

He sees potential and immediately decides to become a part of the story. He convinces the McDonalds brothers to take a second stab at the franchisee model - himself opening the first one, and helping grow the business.

But he soon gets impatient with the constraints placed on him, and before we know, the brothers have no control - Ray starts running the show as he pleases. 

Will the McDonalds brothers manage to save their business from Ray?

Rating: Green - a superb movie based on the true story of McDonalds! Brilliant acting - so much so that you might end up hating Ray Kroc by the end of the movie.

PS: As with all reality based movies, take this with a pinch of salt.

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