Moonlight: This is the story of a lifetime


Chiron is a shy tiny African-American kid - he is called 'Little.' He lives with his single mother Paula, who is a drug addict, in a crime-ridden neighborhood.

He is bullied by other children and tries to avoid them. His only friend is the Cuban-American Kevin.

Once, while hiding from the bullies, he hides in a room - and is brought out by a drug dealer - Juan. Little is scared and silent. 

Juan takes Little to his girl friend Teresa. Gradually, Little opens up to them. 

Over time he grows into a strong confident man, but will the scars from his past allow him to discover himself?

Rating: Green - a superb movie with a good story, great acting, and excellent character development! In this story, all people are gray, nobody is good, or bad - everyone is a victim of the situation, trying to survive.

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