Richard Jewell: The World Will Know His Name and The Truth


Richard Jewell, a former deputy Sheriff, currently working as security in a college is fired for being too passionate about his job, and 'crossing the line' while implementing the rules.

He joins the security team of Atlanta Olympics, serving as a guard in Centennial Park. A stickler for rules, when he finds a lay bag in the park he follows protocol and moves the crowd away.

Soon there is a bomb blast. Many lives are saved thanks to Richard. Next morning he is hailed as a hero by the media.

Soon after an ambitious journalist manages to get a leak from the FBI that they are investigating the possibility that Richard was in fact the bomber. This is published on the front page next morning, Richard is now undergoing a media trial.

His life becomes hell as media and FBI are after him. His only hope is his old boss and lawyer Watson Bryant.

Can Watson save Richard?

Rating: Green - a superb telling of Richard's story, you feel his happiness, and his pain, and his relief!

PS: As with all reality based movies, take the facts with a pinch of salt.

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