The Intern: Experience Never Gets Old


After the death of his lifelong wife Ben is living the life of a solo retired man. He has done pretty much everything there was to do - travelled the world, creative pursuits, yoga...

While shopping he comes across an ad - a fashion ecommerce startup looking for 'senior' interns. The 70 year old Ben applies, gets selected, and his congeniality soon makes him everyone's favorite.

Jules is the young 24 year old CEO of the company who started the venture just 18 months back - she now has more than 200 people reporting to her.

Considering the speed at which they are growing and the issues they are facing, the investors are pressurizing Jules to get a CEO. Though she resents having someone boss over her, she is torn from her family due to the immense workload.

Can her new intern help her come out of this mess?

Rating: Green - a good plot with superb acting makes this one a must watch! Nice and Fun!

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