Heat: A Los Angeles Crime Saga


Neil McCauley is the head of a professional criminal crew who are experts in highly sophisticated armed robberies. Lt. Vincent Hanna from LAPD Homicide department is leading their last robbery case.

He comes in as Waingro, part of the robbery crew, is a psychopath - and killed the security guards turning it into a homicide case.

Meanwhile, all of them Neil, Chris, and even Vincent have things going on in their personal lives - which have taken the toll of their respective professions.

Vincent is close on their heels, tracking every move that Neil and the crew are making. They figure out what is going on and decide to do one final 'retirement job.'

Will they succeed?

Rating: Green - one of the best drama-heist movies ever! Superb acting and great screenplay keep you at the edge of your seat for the entire length of this ~3 hour movie.

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