Once Upon a Time in America: As boys, they said they would die for each other. As men, they did.


Noodles and Max along with their friends Patsy and Cockeye run a street gang in Manhattan sometime during the prohibition era. They have created an empire out of selling alcohol.

However, things change. Noodles loses his love interest Deborah, who moves to Hollywood to become an actress. Soon prohibition also ends resulting in the development of cracks between Noodles and Max.

Noodles is content with the money they've saved and wants to settle down. Max on the other hand wants to pull one last mega job.

Will the inseparable friends be separated by fate?

Rating: Green - a fantastic story told superbly! Keeps you so absorbed that you don't even realize when four hours flew by. Yup its long, very long, but worth it!

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