Short Term 12: Support them. Take care of them. But don't become their friend.


Short Term 12 is a foster care facility for taking care of at-risk teenagers while the state figures out what to do with them. 

The children in this particular facility are managed by Grace, Mason, Jessica and the new-joinee Nate.

Grace is in a relation with Mason, and has just found out that she is pregnant. She does not know what to do - keep, abort, tell Mason, not tell... her own troubled past is affecting her.

Things get even more complicated when Jayden, a young teenager with issues is admitted to the facility. Grace begins to suspect Jayden is currently going through the same abuse that she went through.

Will Grace manage to keep herself together, and save Jayden?

Rating: Green - a superb story with great acting. A movie that is more than just entertainment!

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