A Separation: Lies may lead to truth.


Nader and Simin are at the brink of divorce due to a disagreement on settling abroad. Simin wants to move abroad for the sake of the future of her only daughter Termeh. Nader wants to stayback and take care of his father who suffers from Alzheimer's.

After Simin moves out, and back to her parents' house, Nader hires Razieh to take care of her father. However, one afternoon he comes back early to find Razieh missing - and his father down on the floor. He gets scared, and angry.

In his anger, he pushes Razieh out of the house. She falls down, which results in termination of her pregnancy. Her husband files a murder case against Nader.

Will Nader manage to get out of the case? Will Nader and Simin get back together?

Rating: Green - a superb movie with brilliant story-telling and acting! Watched the movie with subtitles - but completely worth it - opened my eyes to the potential gold mine that is Middle East, specifically Iranian cinema.

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