Amal: Sometimes the poorest of men are the richest...


Amal is a kind soul who drives an autorickshaw in Delhi to fulfil his late father's last wish. He lives by the values of his dad - and brings his honesty, integrity and kindness to work everyday.

GK Jayaram is an old billionaire who has lost faith in the goodness of humanity. For years, he is out on the roads as a commoner trying to find a good human whom he could bequeath his empire.

Amal's life, meanwhile, gets complicated as a young beggar-thief Priya meets with an accident while he was chasing her. He feels responsible, and is taking all pains to ensure she gets the necessary treatment. However, things are serious, he might have to sell his auto.

Jayaram, meanwhile, passes away. In his will he has given the executioners - the lawyer Sapna and his friend Suresh - 30 days to find Amal, whom he wishes to bequeath everything. If they are unable to find him, his empire will be passed on to his sons.

Will Jayaram's last wish be fulfilled? Will Amal manage to come out of his financial troubles?

Rating: Green - an unusual story transformed into a superbly crafted movie! Great acting by Naseerudin Shah, Seema Biswas, and Roshan Seth make this a must watch. The only downer was the fake accent of the lead Rupinder Nagra - but, it is forgivable, considering the movie was not made for Indian audiences.

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