Wonder Woman 1984: A new era of wonder begins.

Decent Time-Pass

After the death of Steve, Diana was broken. She settled in the human world instead of going back, working in the Smithsonian museum as an anthropologist. She makes friends with a new colleague, Barbara, who is a clumsy insecure gemologist.

One day a mysterious stone is recovered by FBI from some robbers, which sends it to the museum for assessment. Barbara shows Diana the stone. Fortuitously, with the stone in her hand Diana wishes the return of Steve, and some time later, Barbara wishes to possess the smartness, strength and other qualities of Diana. Unknown to them they had a wish stone in their hand, and their wishes are about to come true.

Meanwhile, a desperate entrepreneur  Max Lord knows a lot more about that stone and he is looking for it. He befriends Barbara to get to it.

Will he succeed? What will he do with it? Is the world in danger?

Rating: Yellow - the sad news is that Wonder Woman is just another version of Spiderman! The makers of the movie picked wonder woman from the top of Everest and threw her straight into a garbage dump. It seems they completely forgot that this is the daughter of Zeus - a goddess, one strong enough to kill Ares. Not sure if she will ever recover from it. The only reason this movie is not Red - there are some fantastic scenes/moments in the movie.

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