Burning: Now Tell The Truth


Lee Jong-Su has just completed his graduation, and doing odd jobs for survival. While on one of his jobs, he bumps into Shin Hae-Mi, a neighbor from his village - a childhood friend. 

They grow close. She tells him about her impending trip to Africa, and asks him to take care of her cat. When she takes him to her apartment - to meet the cat, and show the feed, they make out.

When he goes to pick her at the airport when she is back from Africa, she introduces him to Ben - who turns out to be a very rich man. Soon, the three are spending more and more time together. Jong-Su is suspicious about Ben.

Once while they are smoking drugs at Jong-Su's farm, Ben tells him about his hobby - burning Greenhouses, and that he has already located his next target - one very close to Jong-Su's home.

While Jong-Su is busy tracking the Greenhouses, Hae-Mi goes missing. What happened to her? Will Jong-Su manage to find her?

Rating: Green - a slow but gripping suspense movie - even with the subtitles! Must watch!

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