The Death of Stalin: Everybody wants a piece

Decent Time-Pass

It is 1953. It is Russia. Everybody is scared of one man - Stalin. However, Maria Yudina, the famous Pianist is not, she writes a letter to him saying she will pray to God for his death. Ironically, while reading the letter he has a heart-attack. He is in a closed room and the guards outside are too scared of him, to even check. 

As a result, he soon dies. Now who will replace him? While Georgy Malenkov is clearly laid out as the successor, Lavrenti Beria seems to be planning something, to take control.

Nikita Khrushchev, the liberal in their midst, senses this. But is struggling to convince and get support from the other members of the presidium.

What will happen now? Who will take over?

Rating: Yellow - the movie in itself is quite brilliantly made! Maybe if they had only, somehow, indicated, that this was intended to be a satire - the rating could have been green. Two things which turned me off :

  1. Russians speaking in clear American accents, which took away all credibility in the initial few minutes itself.
  2. Everyone portrayed as a dumb joker!
PS: This movie is clearly more fiction than fact - so don't take the historical facts too seriously!

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