Make Us Dream: A slip that broke a million hearts!


A young lad was recognized as a football genius early in his life. Along with his friend Michael, he soon became an internationally loved star.

Soon, he was the captain - of Liverpool - a football club with one of the most devoted fanbases. Liverpool has not won a major event in a long long time. And, it is Steven's dream to win - both as the Liverpool captain, and as a Liverpool fan himself.

However, with big money pouring in, the game of football is changing fast. The leagues are spending big money to get the best players. Steven has also been offered a lot by another team.

Will he join the other team? Or, will he continue to fight for his dream?

Rating: Green - well made documentary about Steven Gerrard, the former captain of Liverpool FC! As someone who knows little about Football and players beyond the big names most of what happened was new to me, I enjoyed it.

PS: Like all reality based movies, take this with a pinch of salt. Though well made, it seems to be a Fanboyish or PR related creation.

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