Race: The Incredible True Story of Gold Medal Legend, Jesse Owens who broke every record


Jesse Owens is the first in his family to go to college. He chooses to go to Ohio State in spite of the racism prevalent there so that he could train under coach Larry Snyder.

He soon establishes himself as the fastest man in America, and probably the world, breaking record after record.

The Olympics are going to be held soon, in Germany, where Hitler's racism is now out in the open. The AOA has, with a paper thin margin, voted in favor of attending the Olympics.

Under pressure from the black political leaders, he agrees to withdraw his participation, making Snyder furious - who asks him to at least attend the training camp.

Will Jesse go to Germany? Will he destroy Hitler's notion of racial supremacy by defeating his best?

Rating: Green - a superbly made movie based on a real life story! Completely worth a watch!

PS: The movie is typical American anti-Hitler propaganda, making heroes out of questionable characters and conveniently ignoring America's many flaws - such as the fact that Jesse was banned for life right after the Olympics, by his association, simply for not agreeing to participate in an event immediately after. 

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