Predestination: To save the future, he must protect his past.


Agent Doe is a top temporal agent who has been trying to hunt down the 'Fizzle Bomber' who caused the 1975 explosion in London killing 10,000 people. His mission is to hunt down the murderer, and prevent the catastrophe from happening.

However, after his face is burnt in an attack by the bomber, he is given a new case - his final mission. While undercover as a bartender, he comes across a customer John who is a columnist by the name 'The Unmarried Mother.'

On a bet, for a bottle of alcohol, John starts narrating his life story.  

What is the Agent's final mission? Will he succeed? Will he be able to solve the London bombings case too? 

Rating: Green - one of the best time travel movies for sure. An original story, with completely unexpected twists. Very well executed! 

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