Billu Barber >> Review and Trailer

Billu (IK) is a barber in a small village named Budbuda. He is working very hard but unable to make ends meet. His life takes a turn when his childhood friend Sahir (SRK), who is now a superstar, lands up in his village for shooting. Thanks to his naughty children the word spreads like fire that Sahir is his friend. And all of a sudden everyone starts finding this hitherto ignored family of some value.

He says nothing about Sahir. But people forcefully take promises from him to meet their favorite superstar. Soon their patience runs out and they accuse him of lying and thugging. And then there's a twist.

Rating: Yellow - After a long long time SRK has come up with a movie which is nothing more but timepass stuff. A disappointment. Only two things could have made this movie better: increase in SRK's screen time and change in screenplay. Though there's one good thing - one of the very few movies I've seen which has a very realistic representation of a small town.

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