Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them >> Review and Trailer

Newt Scamander has just arrived in New York with a suit case full of fantastic beasts. Yes, you read it right - the suitcase is magical, and there's a world within it. Newt is a wizard activist working to save the fantastic beasts who are highly misunderstood. He started after he was thrown out of Hogwarts, about 70 years before Harry Potter comes across his book on magical creatures.

New York is in a unique situation where the Wizards and the Witches are living in hiding from the non-magics (normal humans) to avoid any confrontation. Human activists are working to get them banished - and the situation is getting more complcated because someone is attacking humans consistently, and the MACUSA believes the dark wizard Grindelwald might be it.

Amongst, all this confusion Newt's bag gets exchanged with a non-maj Kowalski's and some of the Fantastic Beasts manage to escape.

Will Newt manage to capture them in time, and save the situation in New York?

Rating: Green - the movie is a spin-off of the Harry Potter series, and a good one! This one is unrelated to the characters or setup of Harry Potter - it may be dark, but it is fresh. Worth a watch!

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