Interstellar >> Review and trailer

The world is slowly dying - natural disasters, famines and droughts are increasing - there is barely enough food for all. Cooper, once an astronaut, is now a farmer living with his young daughter Murph, teenage son Tom and old father in law Donald - because NASA has been shutdown to divert all funds to food production.

He and Murph notice some strange happenings in Murph's room. When they decode the signs, the coordinates lead them to a secret location - NASA is still functioning, making an attempt to find a new home for humans.

It is a coincidence which lands him as the commander of the most important space mission in human history - the last hope of saving the planet, and the people. But some dark secrets are waiting for him out there.

Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - a long but brilliant creation! Excellent acting meets brilliant movie making to deliver a must watch! Clear logistical inconsistencies are probably what prevented this from getting a gold.

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