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Dan is interning with the Radisson Hotel in Delhi - but he is totally disinterested and wants to start his own restaurant. Manjeet and Ishani are his friends who've been covering him and saving him. Shiuli is a fellow intern who is often at the receiving end of his pranks or releases, however you see them.

While partying on the terrace of the hotel, Shiuli asks "Where is Dan?" minutes before she accidentally slips and falls down to the ground, landing in coma. When Dan comes to know about this, he wants to know why she asked about him. He starts feeling for her - and caring for her becomes more important for him than anything else.

Will his care bring Shiuli back to life?

Rating: Yellow - a serious slow movie. This one had the potential for Green, but it failed as it never really takes you to a level of serious emotional involvement. A decent watch nevertheless!

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