It's a Wonderful Life >> Review and Trailer

George is a small-town boy who had big dreams - he wanted to travel, get education and become a big man. But in life one situation after prevented him from achieving his dreams - he gave up his life and his dreams again and again for the benefit of, and happiness of the people around him.

But when his uncle misplaces the money belonging to his lending institution, his company is set to go bankrupt with him going to jail for swindling the money. Unable to bear this pain, he decides to commit suicide.

Meanwhile, everyone close to him, knows him as a good man - and, when they see him in trouble, they all pray for him. The prayers are heard and the gods send a guardian angel, Clarence, to save him. Will he succeed?

Rating: Green - an evergreen story of a man who sacrifices his happiness for the people his love - touches your heart. It might be old, but not boring at all. Must watch!

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