Spider-Man: Homecoming >> Review and Trailer

Peter Parker is back from Berlin after the role he played in the Civil War, trying to settle back into the life of a teenage school-kid, longing for action. He waits and waits and waits for a call from Tony Stark for another mission, but there is none - even Happy, who has been entrusted with his security, has stopped responding.

Meanwhile, while trying to be the 'friendly, neighborhood Spider-man, he stumbles upon a gang with alien-ware technology. Their leader Vulture is preparing for the most difficult heist in human history - stealing alien-ware from the Avengers.

Will he succeed in stopping Vulture and his crew?

Rating: Green - a well-made movie! If there's one super-hero I've been completely disinterested in, it's Spider-man - mushy, overly sentimental, melodramatic - almost Bollywood like - not my taste. I didn't watch this movie for Spider-Man, but for you know the answer - 5 mins of Robert Downey Jr.. 

But, I was left pleasantly surprised - it really is a good movie overall! If you are into the super-hero genre, this is a movie you would like!

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