Guardians of the Galaxy >> Review and trailer

Peter Quill is a petty thief known as Star Lord. Rocket and Groot are bounty hunters who intend to capture and turn him in. Gamora is the daughter of the evil Thanos, presently working with the fanatical warrior Ronan who plans to take over the world. She has been sent to get a mysterious orb that Peter has recently stolen.

While they are fighting in the city of NovaPrime they all get arrested, where they meet Drax who wants to kill Gamora because his wife and daughter were killed bye her father. But, gradually all of them come together and realize they all want to save the galaxy from Ronan and Thanos.

Will they manage to get out of jail and save the galaxy from Ronan's plans?

Rating: Green - a very well made movie - and, unexpectedly so. Keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout!

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