Spider-Man: Far from Home

Tony Stark is dead. And, someone needs to fill his shoes. Peter Parker, aka Spider Man, is expected to do it, for he was selected by Tony himself.

To help Peter, Tony created a system called EDITH which is operated through a pair of sunglasses, and which controls the assets of the entire Stark enterprise.

When other worldly Elementals choose Earth as the next planet they will destroy, Spiderman has to unwillingly cancel his break plans.

To help him, there is a guy called Mysterio from the last planet that the Elementals devoured.

Will they together manage to save Earth?

Rating: Yellow - a decent time pass. I, personally, find the Spider-Man series extremely immature, childish, and borderline stupid. With the improved quality of Superhero movies I was giving this Superhero a second chance, after more than a decade. But, it seems I'll not be watching a Spiderman movie for another decade!

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