Fruitvale Station: Every Step Brings You Closer To The Edge

Oscar is a typical ghetto boy, who got involved in crime, and ended up in jail. He is now out, but he is out of job, and out of money - struggling to make ends meet. But, he is determined - he has promised his mom - he will make things work!

On New Year's Eve, he is out celebrating with his girl and other friends, when the group is attacked in the train. When they reach the next station, the police is waiting.

The policemen racially profile the group and detain all of them. Before you know, Oscar is struggling for his life. Will he survive?

Rating: Yellow - a decent well-made movie! Pretty sad though. 

PS: As is usual with real-life based movies, specially period movies, this movie may also have errors in places, some unintentional, and some intentional as the makers might have taken creative freedom.

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