Snowpiercer: Fight Your Way To Front

The entire world has frozen after a major science experiment went wrong. The only people who are alive, are the ones on a train specially designed to keep running for ever. It's been almost two decades - this is now what remains of humanity.

And, the train has turned into a true microcosm of the world. The ones towards the engine are the rich, well resourced ones, with access to good food, and all the goodies. The ones towards the tail are the poor, living in slum like conditions.

Neither have seen the other side of the train. But, things are about to change. A revolution is brewing, led by Curtis, who has been forced by the situation to become the leader - the hero of the poor.

Will Curtis succeed in changing the life of the downtrodden?

Rating: Green - a fantastic movie! A doomsday movie that is almost a satire that comments on the working of societies and economies. Must watch!

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