Million Dollar Baby: Beyond their journey, there is a love.


Frankie is a lonely old boxing trainer. His last trainee Big Willie ditched him because Frankie didn't have the confidence to get him into a championship fight. Big Willie went on to win the championship, without the man who taught him everything.

Maggie is a 30 odd year old girl currently working as a waitress, wanting to become a competitive boxer. She asks Frankie to train her, but he declines because she is a girl, and she is already too old for competitive boxing.

She persists. Eddie, Frankie's friend and gym caretaker also supports her. Frankie finally relents and agrees to train her. 

Will Maggie succeed in becoming the world champion?

Rating: Green - a superb Clint Eastwood creation! Leaves you sad in the end, but you still want to watch it, again - and, that's what makes this so beautiful.

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