Loving Vincent: The world's first fully painted feature film brings the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh to life.


Sometime after Vincent Van Gogh died Joseph Roulin sends his son Armand to deliver the last letter that Vincent had written to his brother. However, when Armand reaches the address, he finds he has also died in shock.

He meets other people and comes to know about the suspicious circumstances in which Vincent died. Intrigued, Armand goes to meet the doctor who treated Vincent and with whom Vincent spent his last days.

Before he could meet the doctor, he met a number of people in the village and heard a number of different versions of what could have possibly happened to Vincent.

He thinks that it might have been murder. Will he succeed in finding out what really happened to Vincent, and who did it? 

Rating: Green - a superb 'oil painting animation'! The suspense just keeps you hooked right till the end.

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