Sound of Metal: Music Was His World. Then Silence Revealed a New One.


Ruben, a drummer, and Lou, his girlfriend, guitarist, and vocalist, are currently touring and performing metal gigs to earn money to release their own album.

However, Ruben starts losing his hearing. When Lou realizes this, she becomes worried this might cause him to return to his cocaine addiction. So she gets him admitted to a sober home, managed by Joe, a veteran who lost his hearing in war.

While Ruben does become comfortable there in some time, he loses patience, and sells off everything that he had to get his hearing fixed through surgery.

Will he be able to hear again? Will he be able to play drums again? Will he be able to be with Lou again?

Rating: Green - a superb story that leaves you cold! Awesome performances, and great film-making overall!

PS: You would have to ignore the fact that in real world he would be advised that the hearing before and after will not be the same - especially, when he is seeing multiple experts. That is one mega goof in this movie.

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