Queen's Gambit: Anger's a potent spice!


After the death of her single mother, Beth Harmon is transferred to an orphanage for girls. There she is given the 'green pills' but instead of taking them as prescribed, she collects them for a single big dose which gives her a high. Before she realizes, she is addicted! 

On the other hand she once sees the janitor play some game in the basement. She is intrigued and asks him to teach her. He refuses. She persists. And, soon she finds a calling, something that she truly loves!

Unaware of her addiction and chess skills, the Wheatley couple adopts her. But, before she has even settled, her new father leaves her mother Alma... who soon becomes an alcoholic and is under medication.

The green pills enter Beth's life once again. Soon after Chess returns as she shows Alma that she can make money playing and winning! And, so the journey begins - a teen prodigy is out in the world defeating the biggest names in Chess.

But, her biggest challenge is in front of her - the Soviet and World Champion Bogrov. Will she be able to defeat him?

Rating: Yellow - brilliant in many places, but also slow and boring in other! I understand this was originally meant to be a movie. Perhaps that is the reason. It feels stretched. Nevertheless, this is a decent watch, if you want to put in the time!

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