Star Trek: The future begins.


The USS Kelvin is attacked by a mining vessel. While going to meet the commander of the mining vessel, the captain makes George Kirk his replacement. Twelve minutes later George has to commit kamikaze to save his crew, his wife, and his just born child James.

Twenty Five years later, James, who is now a rebellious young man, is challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to prove that he is his father's son by joining the Starfleet.

He accepts the challenge. And, before we know, Christopher, James, and several other cadets from the academy are aboard the brand new space ship USS Enterprise heading towards the planet Vulcan to figure out what is wrong there.

Will this prove to be a routine sortie or a life changing adventure?

Rating: Green - fast, full of action, and with a decent storyline! A definite must watch for sci-fi lovers! 

PS: This is my first ever exposure to Star Trek. 

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