Star Trek - Into Darkness: They have one chance to save us all


After the life changing adventures of Star Trek, the crew - under Captain Kirk set out to observe and document the alien worlds. However, Kirk continues to break rules, interfering to save one of the alien species - which lands him into serious trouble.

Meanwhile, in London, the archives section of the Star Fleet headquarters is broken up. As per protocol, the attack results in a meeting of all captains and first officers of the Star Fleet, where the same person Harrison, an undercover agent gone rogue, attacks and kills almost everyone.

Kirk then resumes charge of USS Enterprise, and sets out with special torpedos to eliminate Harrison in a surgical strike, and avenge the death of his mentor - Captain Pike.

Will he succeed? Or, is there a twist awaiting to change his destiny?

Rating: Green - another wonderful adventure film in the Star Trek series! Not as great as the first, but still very good.

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