Capharnaüm: It takes courage to hope.


Zain, a 12 year old boy, lives with his beloved sister Sahar, parents, and other siblings, somewhere in the slums in Lebanon. His family lives in a house that has been given to them for 'free' by Assad.

It isn't really free as Zain works in his shop. And, they have promised to give away Sahar as a bride once she reaches puberty.

Unable to stop his sister's child marriage, Zain runs away from home. He is given shelter by Rahil, an illegal immigrant from Ethiopia, who is herself struggling to survive with her infant son Yonas.

Will they manage to get out of the hell that is their lives? Or, will get it worse?

Rating: Green - a heart-wrenching story of kids around the world who are suffering due to the ills of modern society. Superb film making, great acting!

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