Masters of Sex: Their Work is Their Passion

Decent Time-Pass

Dr. William Masters is a leading obstetrician with only one goal in life - to uncover the secrets of sex - how the babies that he helps bring to the world are actually created?

He is looking for a secretary who is good as well as not squeamish about sex. In comes Virginia Johnson, a young mother of two, who thinks freely about sex - and sees it different from love.

As the two start working they make some very interesting discoveries, dispelling some popular myths and notions about sex.

However, the controversial area of their work - and the methodology that requires people to actually perform sexual acts in their 'lab' including real sexual intercourse ruffles a lot of feathers.

Their jobs are at stake. And, as their work relationship turns into an affair, their life too.

Will they come out of the darkness, and bring the dark secrets of sex to light with them?

Rating: Yellow - it starts superbly in the first season with the right level of drama. However, it loses the steam somewhere towards the end of the season with too many sub-plots. 

The superb acting combined with interesting twists still makes this watchable till its abrupt end. Many of the subplots are still dangling in thin air when this ends.

PS: As with all reality based shows and movies, take the story with a pinch of salt. In this case, there is clearly some fiction involved as well. 

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