Elysium: It's Better Up There


It is the year 2154. Earth has become a victim to overpopulation, disease, widespread poverty, increased crime etc. 

The rich have managed to create a huge space station - Elysium - where they have resettled permanently. The space station has everything that they need to maintain their lifestyle including humongous villas with pools and picturesque gardens. And, the biggest of them all - medical enhancements that could heal almost anything in seconds, and also de-age a person.

Max is a former legendary car thief trying to start his life over working in a factory on Earth producing robots. However, an accident at work leaves him exposed to radiation. 

He has five days - in which he needs to somehow get to Elysium and get treated.

Will he succeed?

Rating: Yellow - a superb plot, with very believable VFX but the screenplay lets it down - a tad too slow. Which gives you time to think, which is never good for an action movie with wafer thin storylines. A decent time-pass nevertheless!

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