Fantstic Mr. Fox: His life is fantastic... his wife is fantastic... his neighbors, not so fantastic.

Decent Timepass

When he comes to know he is about to become a father, Mr. Fox promises his wife that he will quit stealing chickens and live a crime free life. True to his promise, he becomes a columnist, and starts living a peaceful life with a day job.

A few years later, he shifts out of his poor neighborhood to a tree. The tree, however, is in the neighborhood of three nasty and mean farmers, who also happen to be the biggest in their businesses - chicken, cold meat, and apple cider.

Bored of his life, the wild in Mr. Fox takes over. He decides to try 'just one more raid' where he ends up stealing from all three of the farmers. The three then get together - and raid his tree with all their might to take revenge.

He is in danger. His family is in danger. And, all other animals who live around them are in danger - because of him. Will he manage to set things right?

Rating: Yellow - based on the story by Roald Dahl, this is a pretty decent movie! Worth a watch!

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