Wonder Woman: Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder


Diana, has been raised on a secret paradise island. Her mother Hippolyta, the Queen of the Amazons, told her that she was carved out of clay, and brought to life by none other than the great god Zeus himself.

Hippolyta also told her the story of Ares, the god of war, son of Zeus, who was jealous of his father's creation - Humans, and corrupted them and made them fight against each other. And, the god-killer, the super-powerful weapon given to them by Zeus to kill any god.

Diana has been trained for the day when the war arrives at their shores. And, it does. One day a plane crashes close to the island. Diana saves the pilot who tells the Amazons about the world war that is going on.

Diana decides to go with the pilot to the center of the war so that she can kill Ares with the god-killer. Will she succeed?

Rating: Green - a superb fantasy movie that takes you to a very different time. Very believable! Even with all the logical flaws, loose ends and WTF moments - the movie moves very well, keeps you engrossed, and ends with the right kind of high.

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